8 Celebrities You Wont Believe Turned 40 in 2013!

For many of us, the celebrities and household names of our childhoods are experiencing the same milestones as us, reaching the landmark age of 40, the bridge between youth and middle age. It’s refreshing to realize that celebrities age just as we do - but how are they looking now they have reached 40? Here’s a quick glimpse of how a few of those 1973-born celebrities look at 40.


Jim Parsons

This one is quite a shocker. For anyone who knows Jim Parsons best for his role as Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory, it is hard to guess that he turned 40 in 2013. He still looks as young and mischievous as ever, and looks closer to 30 than the big 40. More surprising still, he is still sporting a full and luxurious head of hair. What’s his secret? Perhaps Sheldon’s innocent mind has had a positive effect on actor Jim.


Eva Herzigova

Perhaps it’s not quite so surprising that model and actress Eva Herzigova is still looking fresh-faced and stunning at 40. The Czech beauty became a mother for the third time in 2013, but obviously the trials of motherhood are not taking their toll on her looks. She still possesses all the class and coloring which made her such a success in the first place.


Jamie Bamber

The Law and Order actor, also well known for his role in Battlestar Galactica, can be seen in all his 40 year old glory in medical drama Monday Mornings. With his tan, impeccable dress sense and charming smile, Bamber still looks good for his age. However, compared to a decade ago, it is plain to see that Bamber celebrated his 40th birthday in April 2013.


Emma Caulfield


Emma Caulfield is probably most famous for her role as ex-demon Anya in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It’s been a long time since those days, but you wouldn't know it to look at Emma today. Still looking youthful and dewy, if a little more mature, Emma Caulfield hasn’t lost any of her spunk, either - now hosting her own YouTube show, she shows that you really can look the age you feel - and she certainly doesn’t feel 40.


Tori Spelling


Actress Tori Spelling mercifully looks slightly more her age than most of the celebrities celebrating their 40th birthdays in 2013. Although she still looks sleek and stylish, Tori looks every inch the proud mother of 4 young children, with a more womanly body than her pre-pregnancy figure.


Seth MacFarlane

Is Seth MacFarlane truly 40? Well, his birth certificate says he is. The Family Guy creator certainly doesn’t look 40, with his boyish smile and hair without even a thread of gray. Perhaps his active career and comic pursuits have preserved his youth.

Heidi Klum

Yet another celebrity who it’s hard to believe has reached 40, Heidi Klum defies her age by still looking glamorous and gorgeous, albeit a little more lined. The mother of 4 still looks remarkable for her age, but if compared to her early modelling days, we can breathe a sigh of relief that she is human after all. The signs of aging are there - but she still looks undeniably great.


Tyra Banks


Former supermodel Tyra Banks is still looking great at 40. Perhaps her active and varied lifestyle is to be thanked - Tyra has dabbled in authorship, music, TV acting and even set up her own beauty website. Tyra Banks is yet another celebrity who has reached 40 the way we all want to - not looking a day older than 30.


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