A tool for Health Practitioners?

Helping a patient understand the future consequences of their lifestyle choices is important to helping them change now.  We all know our diet, exercise, and tobacco use, will have some effect on our future selves, but really being able to visualise these effects can be a huge motivator to make positive changes.  This is where Age Me may be helpful in a clinical health setting.  We can show your clients images of what they will look like as they get older and compare images based on their lifestyle choices.

There are other online tools that help you see how your physical appearance will change through the years, however, Age Me is the only one that uses an extensive body of data gathered from the aging process of thousands of individuals.  In short, it is the only scientific method of giving an accurate portrayal.  All others are generic photoshop enhancements.

To generate an image that is as accurate as possible, here are the major factors you might consider before choosing an online aging tool.

  • Accuracy: To be accurate, an aging tool needs to adjust aging effects to reflect a variety of factors including not only calendar age, but also behaviors. Many aging tools such as Face Retirement and Aging Booth do not allow you to input whether or not the subject smokes or engages in other activities such as tanning that can have a significant impact on the appearance of old age.
  • Ethnicity: Those of different ethnicities tend to age differently. Their skin, hair, and facial features are all different. Thus, the most accurate aging tool will accommodate the ethnicity of the subject and adjust its aging process on the subject’s image accordingly.
  • Sampling: You can always feel more confident using a service if you can test it out beforehand free of charge. With AgeMe you can take advantage of high quality software that can actually be sampled before a purchase is made. This way, you know you will get custom-produced, accurate images before you make any commitment to pay.
  • Professionalism:  While there are many aging tools out there, few provide professional-quality results. Many aging tools are simply apps meant to provide amusement or satisfy passing curiosity regarding the aging process. However, AgeMe is a professional tool that can be used in science, law enforcement, business, health care, or education. AgeMe is one of the few professional-quality aging tools out there on the market.
  • Reputation:  Most other tools are fun, but not the software that experts turn to.  AgeMe is part of AprilAge, it is the same software that is licensed to clients such as the Univeristy of Arkinsas, Carolina University, University of Kansas, Porstmouth City Council, Oxford County Health Department, South Australia Police and many others.

If you need to provide accurate and detailed aging images for any purpose, AgeMe stands alone in grasping advanced technology and thoroughly detailed aging data to create images that are sure to leave a lasting impression on those who participate.

Create a sample image with AgeMe today and you will find that its results exhibit an accuracy that is unparalleled among other available aging tools.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or bespoke packages and licensing.