Aging Software lets Pathfinder High School Students See the Future … and it's Not Pretty


Students at Pathfinder Regional Vocational Technical High School got a glimpse of their future selves if they became obese, smoked cigarettes or spent too much time in the sun, and it wasn’t pretty.

“It was awful. There were spots everywhere, wrinkles. My face was chubbier,” said Corina L. Dembowski, 17.

“It wasn’t pretty. Everyone looked kind of bad,” said Ashlee M. Douillard, 17.

For “Kick Butts Day” last month, grants manager Christopher C. Pope leased high-tech aging software so students could see firsthand how their faces would be ravaged by smoking, the sun or by gaining too much weight.

Students could choose up to two out of three lifestyle factors (smoking, obesity or sun) and their results broadcast on the big screen during lunch for everyone to see. Dembowski and Douillard chose sun and obesity damage.

Pope reported that approximately 50 students signed up, and gave up their lunch and social time to see their faces age 60 years.

The software, developed by, gradually aged the student up to age 72. The project was adopted by the junior health class, of which Dembowski and Douillard are members. They learned the software and tested it on each other before the March 24 unveiling in the cafeteria...

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