Aon Hewitt’s new “Is That Me” face aging app uses AprilAge technology

AprilAge Face Aging Technology behind Aon Hewitt's new "Is That Me?" App

Ever wonder what you’ll look like in 20 to 30 years? While none of us expects to look the same as we do now, we all like to think that we’ll look younger than our years.  What if there was an easy way to look 20 to 30 years in the future right now? Wouldn’t it be interesting to see the long-term impact of poor health choices?  Could those choices actually change your facial appearance? Would what you see motivate you to make a lifestyle change?

Aon Hewitt’s new Is That Me? app. uses a picture of the users and shows how certain health risk factors accelerate the aging process . This revolutionary app was developed with AprilAge of Toronto, Canada, and is available now in the Apple app store. It works for all ethnicities, and features a simple interface with few words that makes it easy for non-English speakers to use, too.

Is That Me? was the brainchild of David Meuse, a partner at Aon Hewitt. He got the idea when his son—back home from college—asked him if he knew “any good teeth whiteners” since his recent smoking habit was yellowing teeth. Like any parent, David was upset and said, “Can’t you see what it’s doing to your lungs?” His son responded, “No Dad. I can’t see my lungs, but I can see what it’s doing to my teeth.” In that moment, the idea for Is That Me? was born.

While motivating people to change unhealthy behaviors is easier said than done, this app doesn’t say a thing; it shows the user in an effective and simple way. The app changes to appearance of the user to demonstrate the potential consequences of weight gain, sun damage and smoking, grabbing attention and creating a shock value. Is That Me? turns the tables on our tendency to go for “feel good” choices by making it clear exactly what you have to lose when making a habit of poor lifestyle decisions.

“Our Communication Practice has been using the app to highlight the next generation of communication with clients,” explains Jim Hoff, senior partner and Next & Best Practices leader at Aon Hewitt. “With the changing expectations of today’s employees, employers need to provide experiences that are immersive, authentic and hyper-relevant.”

For Aon Hewitt, the idea that the app has the potential to change lives was the biggest reason it was developed.

“We went into this knowing that not every person who uses Is That Me? is going to have a life changing experience,” said David Meuse. “But if it encourages even one person to change their behavior and lower their risk of cancer or cardio pulmonary disease in the future, then we have something we can all feel great about.”

Want More from Is That Me?

We can partner with you to configure the core promotional communication and/or the app itself to reflect and promote your company’s health and well-being brand and programs.


We can also help you create a broader well-being communication strategy or targeted campaign(s) to engage your unique next generation workforce.


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