Apple’s ResearchKit Explained for Health Researchers

Most medical studies are lucky to have a few hundred people interested in participating. But imagine being able to tap into an enormous pool of Apple users: Out of the millions who use Apple phones and watches, if even a few thousand showed interest in a medical study, that could make a significant difference in outcomes and how quickly a particular study yields results.   That’s one of the most promising points of the Apple ResearchKit. The ResearchKit is an open-source tool designed to allow healthcare researchers to develop their own apps to facilitate research studies.  But before a researcher dives into Apple ResearchKit, it is important to recognize where it might be truly helpful. According to Julliette Ehlert, technical architect at Cambridge-based digital health consulting firm Medullan, there are three key things that every healthcare researcher should know before using ResearchKit.   Read the recommendations here.

Original article appeared in HIT Consultant.