APRIL® Face Aging Exhibit part of new HumanEdge Exhibit at Ontario Science Centre

The Ontario Science Centre opened its grand new AstraZeneca Human Edge exhibition on December 7, designed to allow visitors to explore all the wonders and possibilities of the human body.   Over 55 exhibits cover five dynamic themes:  In the Beginning, Mind and Body Limits, Personal Limits, Pushing Past the Limits, and Outer Limits.  One of the intriguing and popular exhibits is the "face aging" station, created by AprilAge Inc. of Toronto, Canada.  Users have their picture taken at the exhibit, and then the photo is "aged", showing the person how they will look as they get older.  Users can then post their "aged" photo to the sharing wall if they choose to do so.

The Ontario Science Centre collaborated extensively with leading experts from a wide range of fields, including neuroscience, physiology, bio-mechanics and sports medicine to develop dozens of active and immersive experiences where visitors can learn about their own amazing bodies.  Visitors can plunge into the mind of a freediver to explore the respiratory system, tackle a climbing wall to see if your brain could take you to the summit and test your own personal limits as you run, row and dance your way through the interactive exhibits. Discover stories of athletes, adventure seekers, extreme sports enthusiasts and others who have broken through barriers of what was once thought humanly possible.

Visit the HumanEdge website for more details:  http://www.ontariosciencecentre.ca/Human/