Effective research begins with first hand access to quantitative and qualitative data.   Customize your data collection alongside the highly-engaging APRIL® image collection process.  Our expert team will be your strategic partners to assist in understanding the best way to use the AprilAge data collection process, and bring clear effectiveness to your research studies.  APRIL®  Face Aging Software is truly global with installations in 30+ countries outside North America, and is the premier visualization software firm which shows people their "future self".   Provides a high impact demonstration of the effects of age and certain healthy lifestyle choices (obesity, smoking, sun).   APRIL® is used in health education about chronic diseases and to inspire behavior change for healthier lifestyles.

Who Should Use APRIL® Insights

The APRIL® Insights data and research advisory service is ideally suited to support the needs of quantitative and qualitative research and analysis of connected health services, including mobile health and consumer engagement; at healthcare organizations such as health plans; integrated delivery networks and disease management organizations; insurers; employee wellness programs; and academia including healthy lifestyle research, healthcare systems, and assessing public health campaign effectiveness.

Return on Research Investment

  • Early views into the issues that matter to you and their potential impact
  • Insights into market sizing, campaign penetration, future growth, spending trends, and buying behaviors
  • Insights into market trends and adoption rates
  • Identification of implementation strategies and best practices

Standard Subscription Deliverables

AprilAge values building client relationships and strives to foster a partnership with each client through continuous team interaction; timely delivery of current, concise, and relevant data; as well as custom installations when needed.