AprilAge Face Aging software based on science, not a toy

Smoking ages the face more quickly

Smoking ages the face more quickly

When the Ontario Science Centre first approached AprilAge Inc., the creators of the APRIL Face Aging software, they initially wanted to create an experience for children that would be both amazing and eye-opening, and a real crowd pleaser.   They wanted to see if it was possible to make the “passage of time” a very personal, and realistic, experience for thousands of visitors in a fast and easy format.

To do so, it was necessary to produce “aging results” based on how real people age, and not on a computer morphing or visual special effect or aging toy with no basis in science.  Therefore, the AprilAge creators got to work to first build a statistical database of real people from ages 7 to 70, female and male, in five ethnic groups (African, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic, and South Asian).  That meant taking pictures of thousands of people using a 3D camera system (with four cameras in the system).   Once the database was built, the programmers got to work developing the aging algorithms, and designing a user system that was fast and simple to operate.   APRIL Face Aging software was born.

Based on its success, the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, N.Y., asked AprilAge to further develop the aging process to enable the visualization of face aging showing the effects of smoking, and produce side-by-side images comparing the “smoking aging” to “natural aging”.   The results were so effective that APRIL is now sold globally as a tool in smoking cessation and tobacco prevention programs.   Recognizing the power of personal visualiztion software in a health education setting, AprilAge further developed two additional versions of APRIL.   The BMI (Body Mass Index) module enables the user to choose the level of body mass (additional weight) they wish to see added to their face as they age, up to and including obesity.  The Sun Exposure module shows the user how they will look if they have, or will have, heavy and unprotected sun exposure over their lifetime.

All of the aging results for all versions of the APRIL Face Aging software are based on the statistical database of thousands of real people, including children and adults.   APRIL Face Aging software is  the only commercially available face aging software to be built on such a database, enabling aging results based on science, not special effects.   To see the independent, evidence-based research reports using the APRIL Face Aging Software, please click here.