Health "games" tackle pain, PTSD, and phobias

At AprilAge, we  build visualization software  to engage and motivate people through first person imagery to better future health.   Seeing “yourself” successfully complete a behaviour is proven to increase […]

The Potential of Virtual Reality in Healthcare

An interesting look by Klint Finley in Wired about the potential of virtual reality technology in healthcare.  Excerpt:  “Since Facebook acquired VR company Oculus last year, we’ve heard a lot […]

Refocus Research to Delay Aging?

As a company who assists health and wellness educators, researchers and clinicians globally with our aging software, we are always interested in new developments and theories about aging. It is predicted […]

The mechanics of aging

At some point we all start to notice the effects of aging, we don’t feel as fit as our younger days, strands of grey hairs start popping up, and our […]

Look younger and stop aging?

Getting old is something most of us dread, with each passing second we get that little bit older, our skin becomes less supple, wrinkles begin to show, hairlines start to […]

Make yourself look older with photoshop?

Computer applications such as Photoshop are an awesome way to edit pictures and create complex designs. With the right person behind the mouse the opportunities are endless. Such apps have […]

Smoking Cessation: What Works?

Fewer North Americans are smoking than ever before, and quit rates have skyrocketed since governments became involved with smoking cessation efforts. Smoking rates in Canada dropped  to 19.9 percent in […]

Aging as an Investment Opportunity?

    (This article by Richard Eisenberg, Forbes Contributor, was originally published May 1, 2014.  It has been edited and condensed for publication here.) “Everybody talks about the problems the […]