Celebrities Who Have Quit Smoking

With all the warnings out there telling us the dangers of smoking, most of us who smoke would love to quit, but if we only we knew how. Smoking remains […]

Celebrities Aging with a youthful glow

When we are talking about celebrities and aging, we are more often than not looking at pictures of actors and singers who are behaving like they are in their twenties […]

Age a celebrity.

Aging is a serious business…  Wrinkles appear, skin sags as our youth fades away.  What was once pert and firm begins to feel the effect of gravity.  This is, of […]

A tool for Health Practitioners?

Helping a patient understand the future consequences of their lifestyle choices is important to helping them change now.  We all know our diet, exercise, and tobacco use, will have some […]

Five great TED Talks on aging

The world is a better place because of the knowledge-sharing that occurs through TED Talks.   We recently came across five great TED talks about aging – like the first one from Biochemist […]

Anti-aging celebrities

  What do all these lovely actresses have in common?  It seems that they are all aging beautifully.  Here are 16 examples  from Good Housekeeping of famous celebrities who look to be actually […]

Academy Award nominations for Best Makeup

  Only 4 days to go to the Oscars.  Who will win this year’s Best Achievement in Makeup?  There are only three nominations this year (which also includes hairstyling): Les Misérables, […]