Canadian Lung Association Launches National Program using AprilAges Online Face Aging Tool


"Smoke and mirrors: face up to how smoking affects you
The Canadian Lung Association offers people a chance to try out an online face-aging tool to see how their faces age if they smoked


"You can’t always see how smoking affects your entire body, but this online tool allows you to see how smoking could affect your looks," says Heather Borquez, CEO and president of the Canadian Lung Association.


How to quit smoking

There are many proven ways to quit smoking. To boost the chances of quitting, smokers should choose more than one method and pick what seems right for them. Each person is different. Smokers should speak to a health-care professional about the available options.

Fast Facts on Tobacco Use in Canada

  • Tobacco is a leading preventable cause of death in Canada, responsible for over 37,000 deaths annually4 and about one third of cancers5.
  • More than 90 per cent of the estimated five million current Canadian smokers would like to quit, according to "Making Quit Happen: Canada's Challenges to Smoking Cessation,"
  • For the 79 per cent of smokers who have tried to quit, an average of six quit attempts were reported.6
  • The economic impact of tobacco use in Canada is also significant, with an estimated social cost of $17 billion per year7.
  • The most recent estimates indicate that tobacco-related illness costs Canadians $4.4 billion in direct health care costs, and is responsible for 2.2 million acute care hospital days8.

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