Celebrities Aging with a youthful glow

When we are talking about celebrities and aging, we are more often than not looking at pictures of actors and singers who are behaving like they are in their twenties while they are actually pushing sixty. Lots of photographs of aging celebrities show that (botox notwithstanding) even celebrities have to face the reality of wrinkles, even if they do it kicking and screaming.


In a refreshing turnaround, Huffington Post has released this article showing that many celebrities who have recently celebrated their birthdays are aging gracefully – or seemingly not at all. Eighteen aging celebrities are compared with photos from their younger days, only to show that they are still looking as fresh as ever.


Many of us remember Chuck Norris and Sharon Stone when they were at the beginnings of their careers. Others might know these names as celebrities who have been around almost since the dawn of time. However we might remember them, these photographs show that they have barely aged a day. With Chuck Norris celebrating his 73rd birthday and Sharon Stone her 55th, it’s hard not to wonder what they are doing right.


Die Hard’s Bruce Willis is featured, too. Although he is now without his full head of hair, his charming smile hasn’t changed a bit as he celebrates his 58th birthday.


Many women facing the beginning of their fifth decade would kill to know Vanessa Williams’ secret. The mother of four still looks like a fresh-faced 30, and she hasn’t lost any of the beauty she had back at the height of her career.


Perhaps the most astonishing photographs are of Jon Bon Jovi, who at 51 could easily pass for half his age, and Patrick Duffy, who at 64 looks like a distinguished 40. Victor Garber isn’t looking too bad for 64, either. In fact, apart from his silver hair, he looks the same as he did decades ago.


Kurt Russell and Matthew Broderick are two more of the pack who have managed to retain their boyish charms despite their age. Other celebrities whose ‘before and after’ pictures are featured include Rob Reiner, Alan Thicke, Ron Howard and Billy Crystal.


What makes these celebrities so special? How have they, of all people, managed to stay so youthful? Surely by the time you are celebrating your 70th birthday it’s time to throw in the towel and let time do its work. The memo seems to have skipped this group of celebrities, however, especially Gloria Steinem, who at 79 bears an uncanny likeness to her younger self.


Perhaps, as the article speculates, clean living is the secret behind their clear, glowing faces. Maybe a combination of regular exercise, healthy eating and a wholesome lifestyle really is what makes the difference. Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that these eighteen celebrities are looking enviably good.


Of course, clean living can have a huge effect on how we look as we start to age. If these celebrities had lived life a little more on the wild side, who knows what they might have turned out like?


If you are curious to find out what changes lifestyle might have made to the faces of these and other aging celebrities, check out Age Me, advanced aging software which can be used to compare what a person might look like when considering factors like smoking, obesity and sun exposure.


With Age Me, you can take these photographs and see what celebrities might have looked like if they’d had a pack-a-day habit, or if they’d spent their days soaking up the hot Hawaiian sun. You can even see how a high-calorie diet might have changed their look. You can pick any photo – including yours – and see what effects lifestyle might have on the aging process in 10, 20 or 30 years’ time.


It’s fun and easy to do. Besides, let’s face it, after looking at all those celebrities in the bloom of youth in their latter years, we could probably use a little pick-me-up.