Celebrities Who Have Quit Smoking

With all the warnings out there telling us the dangers of smoking, most of us who smoke would love to quit, but if we only we knew how. Smoking remains a serious addiction, and it’s estimated that around a third of all males smoke to some extent.  Our software is used in many smoking cessation programs and we're always interested in other approaches to the challenge.  We found these five celebrities had some interesting approaches to kick the habit.

Gwyneth Paltrow

The award winning actress decided to pack up smoking when she was due to have her first baby, with lead singer Chris Martin from Coldplay. She went cold turkey and replaced her cigarette packets for a gym membership and healthy food. She would exercise 5 days a week, at a fixed time and would always stick to it. Instead of taking the elevator Gwyneth would walk up the stairs, and she advised not to stay too static throughout the day. By sitting in one position for a length of time she would start to have cravings for cigarettes.

Replacing your cigarettes habit for something healthy seems like a sensible approach. Exercise as well as making you healthy, allows your body to release endorphins. This is proven to trigger a positive effect on the body, making your mood and inner body feel much better, and more importantly, keeping you off the cigarettes.

Matt Damon

The Bourne Supremacy star Matt Damon managed to successfully quit his smoking habit of 16 years, by the use of hypnosis. Matt said that after just 3 sessions he was off cigarettes for good, and didn’t have any urge to smoke again, he also stated:

“Once you realize the consequences, it’s no longer an option for you to smoke. I think that applies to any addiction.”

The star believes that hypnosis will only work if you truly want to quit smoking, otherwise you shouldn’t bother with this method.  Whilst this may seem obvious, we assume his point was that you can't force hypnosis on someone and manipulate them to quit!

Studies suggest that around 15% of people are very susceptible to being hypnotised with another 10% considered almost impossible.  So that leaves us with about 75% of people being a mystery...  Certainly you'd be right to be skeptical.

Jack Black

The hard rocking amigo that is Jack Black decided to stop smoking in 2008, his weapon of choice was green tea. Jack’s reason for giving up like so many people was for his family, he wanted to be there for his children and by giving up smoking he could ensure that.

We like the idea of drinking green tea to combat smoking, it comes with many health benefits such as reducing the chance of cancer and cardiovascular disease, two things which cigarettes attribute too. Certainly taking a box of green tea to work, and when you’re craving a cigarette, opting for the tea instead is a nice theory, but we can find no scientific basis for it's efficacy.

Aston Kutcher

Actor Aston Kutcher said at one point in his life he was smoking around 40 cigarettes a day, but with the support of his now ex-wife Demi Moore, he managed to stop. Aston’s method was to read the best selling book by author Allen Carr, “The Easy Way to Stop Smoking”. The book focuses more on the reasons why we smoke, rather than why we shouldn’t, which makes sense because we all already know why we shouldn’t smoke.

A collaboration of two studies show that this book has a 50% success rate which would make it better than the British NHS stop smoking program. The book even asks you to smoke while reading, until you get to the last page where it ends with “And now quit”. The book offers a money back guarantee if you don’t end up giving up, which is quite an offer.  Celebrity endorsement or factual story?  We're not so sure...

Uma Thurman

Known for her brilliant performances in Kill Bill, Uma Thurman took the conventional route when she decided to quit smoking, by using nicotine gum. She said that smoking affected the way she looked, it made her skin and body feel ugly, she said it wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. Uma admits to occasionally having a cigarette now, but nothing like her past habits.

The science behind gum always makes sense, nicotine is what makes smokers addicted to cigarettes. By still getting the nicotine and cutting out the other harmful ingredients in cigarettes seems wise. The long term effects of nicotine can cause some side effects. Perhaps creating a tapering plan over a specific time frame is the way to go.

Uma's consideration about how she looked is a key finding in our research, with a famous study confirming that using AprilAge Aging Software  with young smokers is a highly effective strategy to encourage them to quit.  Please contact us for more information.