It's true what your mother told you – a good diet and exercise are key to staying healthy

Most of us know that having a good diet and doing regular exercise can play an important role for us to stay young and healthy. But what else can we do to stay healthy as we age? Can we stop common diseases as we get old? As with many things inside our bodies there are some things we can’t control due to our genetic make-up, while there are other things we can control to improve our health and appearance.

Here are 5 quick tips from recent research to consider if you want to help lessen  the effects of aging on appearance, stay healthy, and reduce the chances of chronic diseases.

Do some aerobics and help your brain

Doing aerobic exercises such as jogging or riding a bike can significantly increase brain and memory activity compared to doing any other type of exercise. Our body releases chemicals that stimulate the brain and encourage the growth of new brain cells when we do slow, steady state cardio. So next time think about walking to the local shop over watching TV to give your brain and body a better workout.

Stimulating your brain can help ward off depression and other mental diseases that are common as we get much older.

Become more social

A factor often overlooked in our busy lives, but being social and meeting people on a regular basis contributes to overall well-being. Even something as simple as joining a book club, visiting  the local community centre, or going to the library and interacting with people is enough to improve our level of thinking and memory.

Alcohol can be good… moderation. Drinking 1-2 units per day is proven to reduce the amount of strokes, heart attacks, and has even been shown to increase  life expectancy.  Experts suggest we opt for red wine or spirits over beer, as they contain fewer calories.

Quit the cigarettes and stop being a coach potato

 Well it’s no surprise  that cigarettes are bad for our health, smoking affects our skin, kills our body’s red blood cells, and impacts the body's immune system. Combine that with spending all your time on your couch watching TV, and you’ve created one of the most optimal situations for your body to look old and get sick.

Your body needs to be stimulated to stay strong, and even something as easy as walking for 20 minutes goes a long way to staying more healthy. In a perfect world you’d want to do a mixture of exercises with some weights added in to give your whole body a workout.

See what you will look like in 10, or 20 years?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep living your current lifestyle and see what you’d look like in the future?   With  AprilAge, you can now see how your future self will look  if you keep living the way you do now.  AprilAge's software, APRIL®, is visualization software that uses real life pictures and lifestyle habits to predict how you will age with your current lifestyle. AprilAge works with many health and wellness educators, insurance companies, and HR programs globally to include a high-impact engagement tool to motivate people to live healthier lifestyles.