Amy Cuddy: Your body language says fake it 'till you become it

We stumbled across a very interesting TED talk by Harvard social psychologist, Amy Cuddy that's relevant to APRIL face aging software.    She speaks about using "power poses" (body occupying a lot of space) to make yourself feel more powerful.  According to her research, our bodies can change our minds.  Power poses can raise testosterone and lower cortisol (produced in stressful situations).   Her theory is "fake it 'till you become it" - meaning  = act the way you want to be and one day you will be that way.

We wondered if this applied to seeing various images of your own face as it aged - how does this make you feel?  When people in a non-clinical setting first hear about face aging software, they usually decline a demonstration.  Without even seeing how they will look as they age, they feel it.  It's not something they want to experience.  Hence, this is one of the software's main reasons for success in behaviour modification, as proven in independent, evidence-based research.  "Feeling" how you look is a powerful motivator for changing behaviour.