High impact face aging software now for kiosks and mobile

April Face Aging Software provider AprilAge Inc. announced the release of April for kiosk, mobile (iOS) and tablet (iOS and Windows).

Users of the software can upload a photograph of their face using the April database. The software "ages" their face for them based on age, ethnicity and gender and includes aging based risky lifestyle options such as smoking, weight gain and heavy sun exposure. The results display ages seven to 70 and feature decade-by-decade changes in facial appearance.

"Seeing yourself get older in a matter of seconds can be a real eye-opening experience," said Alexandra Brown, CEO and cofounder of AprilAge, in a press release. "The aging experience can be a dramatic look at your future and a powerful inspiration to change risky lifestyle behaviors. Now, with our new mobile, tablet and self-operated touchscreen kiosk versions, the aging experience can become an effective and highly engaging addition to current health and lifestyle education in a very accessible way."

April Face Aging Software is used by insurance companies and businesses to inspire customers to live healthier lifestyles.