Look younger and stop aging?

Getting old is something most of us dread, with each passing second we get that little bit older, our skin becomes less supple, wrinkles begin to show, hairlines start to recede, and our hair starts to fall out. What causes aging? Can it be stopped, and if so how?

Who are the Superyoung, and how do they do it?

In 1993 a well known Psychologist and Dr, David Week posted an advert in a magazine looking for the Superyoung, he was quite shocked when he got back more than 3,00 replies with people sending in pictures and stories. First of all, who are the Superyoung? Good question, the Superyoung are people who look a lot younger than their actual age, where we have sagging skin and patches of boldness, they have smooth soft skin and more hair than they know what to do with.

Dr Week came to the conclusion that the Superyoung not only look good for their age, but they all lead fun and positive lifestyles. People of the Superyoung faction are fit, healthy, positive, and interested in all kinds of things. Dr Week even mentioned that the Superyoung have more vitality than the rest of us. He said in a quote:

“Ageing definitely appears to be related to mood. I believe the elixir of life is between your ears'

So Looking young is all about genetics?

Born in England and now living in the United States, at 34 year old Richard Edwards was a solicitor who was refused permission to buy alcohol in the state of Florida, because the cashier thought he wasn’t over 21. When interviewed, Mr Edwards said the key to looking young is just down to genetics. He went on to say that both his parents looked young, and his sister who is now 40 regularly gets mistaken for a 20 year old.

It’s all in the nose

Famous poet Mr Hugo William seems to think aging has more to do with your facial features such as our nose and lips. When Hugo was 51 he’d regularly be told that he looked like a man in his early forties, he believed this was due to his small turned up nose and having full lips. His theory about the lips was:

“Mine were very full when I was young, which means when they de-balloon they don't look awful, whereas most people's collapse.”

Theories from the Doctor

Dr Week believes that many factors can play a role in the mechanics of aging, for example cardio-vascular disease has been proven to slow the mind, making people look and feel a lot older than they actually are. Having a stable life with many luxuries will help you stay young, compared to a life of stress and poverty.

More farfetched theories claim that sugar may increase the human aging process as it’s believed to obstruct our body’s protein synthesis, or that special minerals can detoxify our body getting rid of free radicals to clean our body.

Three things you can do to slow down the aging process

After getting all the research together, Dr Week concluded that three things for sure that could help your face looking younger, they were:

To keep fit:  Dr Week said that the Superyoung weren’t gym freaks who had regimented workouts, but they exercised enough to keep fit and feel good. Instead of catching the bus, they would walk, just simple things like this is enough.

Sex: People have been saying it for years, but sex really does make you younger. Dr Week believed that having regular sex releases endorphins which would make them feel happier and more relaxed.

Smile: The final thing he noticed within the research was that the Superyoung are always optimistic. They never see the bad side of things and tend to be more pro-active than most people, and not couch potatoes.

How do I know what I will look like in 10 years?

Currently you have two methods and only one we know will work for sure! The first method is to use state of the art technology created by us!  As you may know our single-use software is called AgeMe.  Unlike other methods we use information such as your health and lifestyle habits, weight, smoking tendencies, your body mass index (BMI) and even how much sunlight you receive to get an accurate image of what you will look like in the future!

The second is to build a time machine.