Make yourself look older with photoshop?

Computer applications such as Photoshop are an awesome way to edit pictures and create complex designs. With the right person behind the mouse the opportunities are endless. Such apps have the ability to make us fat, thin, light, dark, change our clothes and even remove people from photos. These apps can do just about anything, but can they help us predict what we will look in 5, 10, or even 15 years?


Using Photoshop to mimic the aging process


We recently came across a blog post where someone with awesome Photoshop skills decided to edit a photo of his friend to make him look older. They used features such as the distort tool which allows them to make certain parts of the face bigger or smaller, as they believed that as people get older some parts of their face grow larger.

The next obvious step was to change the hair, as we know the older we get the whiter our hair usually becomes, after that they added wrinkles which were taken from another picture that was mostly likely photoshopped too. Finally they thinned the hair, and added a few props to enhance the illusion.

Overall it was a really nice job, the finishing picture although totally photoshopped did make the man look at least 15 years older than the original, but was it an accurate representation?

The flaws of Photoshop

The biggest problem with using Photoshop or other apps that give you an idea of what you may look like in the future, is human input! That’s right, we are the problem, diet, exercise, eating, drinking and our smoking habits all play a huge factor in how we will look in the years to come. We all know if you exercise often, eat well, get enough sleep and take care of your body, you’ll not only feel younger, but look younger too.

Since Photoshop requires a human to do all the editing, we just go off on what we know, which isn’t a great deal. Take the example above, it’s a great work of Photoshop but how accurate is it really? The editor went off on a general set of rules that we expect as we get older, wrinkles, grey hair, and larger facial features. However, they totally forgot to factor in the person’s lifestyle, diet, and health. Photoshop and other apps are cool to mess around with and make funny pictures, but as an accurate way to predict how we will look in the future, I don’t think so.

So how can I know what I will look like in the future?

Age Progression is our specialty here at Aprialge!  AgeMe is an online face aging tool that uses the latest technology and scientific methods to show you the effects your current lifestyle will have on your face as you get older. It requires you to upload a clear headshot following our guidelines and some lifestyle information.

With our extensive historical database that includes thousands of real people, it uses real images to help predict what your face will look like in the future. Other parameters also include your health and lifestyle habits, how much you smoke, weight, and the technology even uses your body mass index (BMI), and sunlight exposure to give an accurate representation of what you will look like in the future. AgeMe works with males and females, multiple ethnicities, from ages as young as 7 all the way up to 70.


For those of you who really want to know how your current lifestyle will affect your face in 10, 20, or even 30 years, AgeMe is the way to go. Using the latest technology and realistic variables to predict how you may look in the future, it trumps Photoshop and any other apps every day of the week.