May is Melanoma Awareness Month and in Timmins, People use APRIL


I had to share this video  (warning: it might make you cry, it made me tear up more than once). I’m sure many have seen it by now, and it was shared to me by a number of people, including a close friend of mine who is now (thankfully) a survivor.

Knowing someone who had to go through something so terrible is really scary. What’s even scarier is the fact she’s my age.

I’m only 25.

I used to believe Cancer was an “old person” disease – the only experience I ever had with Cancer was with “older” people, including my grandfather (he passed away in his late 60s, when I was only 12). But Cancer can affect anyone, of any age – and with my generation’s bad habits, including using tanning beds and forgetting (or just plain not wearing) sunscreen – it’s a serious issue...

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