Maybe unusual ways to quit smoking are the best?

One of the things our users love about Age Me is the ability to compare what you will look like older if you smoke, versus what you will look like if you don't smoke.  The results can be astonishing.  Professionals in the health industry use Age Me to help in smoking cessation courses.  Knowing that you will look better if you do not smoke can be a big motivator!

Quitting smoking can be difficult, especially for those who have been smoking for most of their adult life. Young smokers should have an easier time quitting smoking than someone who is in their 40’s simply because he or she hasn’t been smoking as long, however, smoking cessation rates are fairly uniform for any age.   Young smokers tend to ignore smoking cessation adverts or government warnings thinking they still have plenty of time to quit without suffering long-term damage.  Change in behaviour, as any Psychologist will tell you, comes from within.  Seeing the effects smoking will have on your appearance may be more helpful than warning about health consequences a long time in the future.

There are many available 'tools' to help people quit smoking. Many people use nicotine replacements such as patches or gum. These may wean smokers off cigarettes, but do little to kick the psychological addiction. Quitting cold turkey works for some people, and counseling has also proven effective for many. However, these are all steps people take once they have resolved to stop smoking. This resolve to quit seems to be the most problematic part - and the warnings about the dangers of smoking written on cigarette packets, repeated in leaflets and emphasized by doctors often fail to hit home.

Although over 50% of adult smokers attempt to quit smoking, many of these people are unsuccessful and will return to smoking in as little as a day or two.  This is usually because the temptation to smoke outweighs the resolve to quit.

Research has indicated that an unusual method for smoking cessation is actually seeing what smoking will do to your body using Age Me. Being presented with a visual image of the effect smoking will have on the individual smoker has proven to be surprisingly powerful.

Researchers from Curtin University conducted a study using Age Me in order to determine how effective it was as a tool to discourage young adults from smoking. Adults between the ages of 18 and 30 were confronted with images of themselves in their 50s and 60s after a lifetime of smoking. A smoker’s face will age 1.4 times faster than that of a non-smoker, so a smoker’s face at 50 will look closer to 70 – a grim reality to be confronted with.

The results of the study indicated that this method of smoking cessation was more effective than the distribution of literature, motivating one in seven young adults to quit smoking.

The visual effect and personal impact of Age Me are big factors in its effectiveness. Seeing the skin damage and accelerated aging occurring over a period of decades offers a more personal perspective, which is a stronger motivator than general messages. Many people may know the effects, but seeing the effects is more likely to inspire people to quit.

Age Me software can be tried right here on our website!  Why not see what you look like as a smoker or non smoker?