The mechanics of aging

At some point we all start to notice the effects of aging, we don’t feel as fit as our younger days, strands of grey hairs start popping up, and our faces start to slowly lose color. But why do we age? A child's questions perhaps but still one that is avidly researched in the scientific community.  

Why do we age?

Everything that arises in this life will eventually age; plants, animals, computers, houses, and obviously, humans. The reason human’s age is because cells in our body slowly die out, which eventually leads to the death of our whole body. Take the more visual example of hair - the reason it turns grey over time is because the pigment melanin cells slowly dying out, as they die they release less pigment resulting in our hair turning grey.

Our muscle fibers and the neurons in our brain act the same way, after decades of use, our muscles begin to lose their strength due to the cells dying out, and our brain actually shrinks as we get older because of the neurons dying and not being replaced. So the older we get, the less cells reproduce in our body, leading us to grow old.

Another factor is something you may more readily apply to a car than a person but it's true:  Simple wear and tear!  By constantly moving we create micro fractures in our bones, and by not getting enough sleep, drinking enough fluids, or getting sick, all play a role in the aging process. Working too much, worrying, and not being happy all have long term effects on aging.

How can we stop aging?

Well it’s impossible to stop aging unless you freeze yourself (we do not recommend this) but you can slow it down to some extent.

Exercise: By keeping active and regularly exercising your body, keeps not only your body in shape, but cleanses the mind too. many studies show we don’t have to punish ourselves in the gym or train every day of the week, just keep it sensible and try to work out as much of your body as you can.

Eating well: Certain foods are known to cause negative reactions in the body, alcohol and smoking being a few. Drinking alcohol dehydrates your body and can damage your organs that help reproduce your cells, smoking can also increase cancer and reduce your red blood cell count. Particular junk foods have chemicals in them that are proven to cause a negative balance in your body. Try to eat reasonably healthy and have a varied diet to reduce the affects of aging.

Relax: Easier said than done in the world we live in today, but by stressing out or worrying, your body releases cortisol and norepinephrine into the bloodstream, this is proven to repress your body’s immune system. Try yoga or meditation to relax your inner self, even learning something as simple as basic breathing exercises can seriously help you relax during stressful moments.

Genetics also play a part in aging

A lot of things are in our control when it comes to slowing down the aging process, but sadly something’s aren’t, our genetics being one of them. People age at different times, some may lose their hair a decade earlier than others, and it’s not because they’re unhealthy or dying faster, it’s just down to genetics.

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