Mobile and Online Technology: Bridging the Gap to Lasting Behavior Change by Dr. Robert Grant

At AprilAge, we're always on the lookout for compelling research to share which delves into the area of using technology for behavior change for better future health.  We recently came across this white paper by Dr. Robert Grant of RelateCare.  It is reprinted with permission of the author.


This white paper,  Mobile and Online Technology Bridging the Gap to Lasting Behavior Change, examines the potential of using mobile and online technologies as part of a workplace wellness program in order to achieve lasting changes in health-related behavior.  Getting employees engaged in workplace wellness plans has the potential to lead to significant savings for employers.  However, engaging employees in wellness plans and helping them make lasting changes to their health-related behaviors is a notoriously difficult thing to achieve.  Recent research has shown that simply communicating unbiased information to employees, while important, is not sufficient to create the kind of changes in behavior that are needed.  This white paper suggests mobile and online technology can be used as a part of a wellness program to help bridge this gap to lasting behavior change.  It can do this by making the process of getting healthy simple, social and fun.   Ultimately, mobile and online technology can make it easy and enjoyable for people to consistently make healthy choices.  This leads to increased engagement in wellness programs, which is necessary in order to create meaningful and sustainable change in behavior.


About the Author:

Dr. Robert Grant has a PhD at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, specializing in Philosophy and Linguistics, where he was an Irish Research Council Post-Graduate Research Scholar. Before taking his PhD at Trinity, Rob spent four years in North America on a full athletic basketball scholarship. He then worked with GetHealth as Researcher and Writer is currently Research Analyst with RelateCare​, a US/Irish Connected Health company specializing in patient access and communication.  He has written for a number of publications in Ireland and elsewhere and blogs at

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