New Version of APRIL

New version of APRIL® Face Aging Software offers Body Mass Index Predictor

  • Launch of Version 2.7.0 now offers personal choice in selecting specific BMI (Body Mass Index) levels
  • Shows you how you will look in the future if you put on weight or are obese
  • Effective tool in nutrition, weight and obesity programs

Toronto, Canada - (April 26, 2012) – AprilAge Inc., the creator and developer of the APRIL® Face Aging software, today announced the launch of V2.7.0 of the software that now includes a BMI (Body Mass Index) Predictor. The APRIL® BMI Predictor allows you to choose the amount of weight you want to see added to the face. Also included in APRIL® V2.7.0 is:
• Faster processing time of images
• Improved grey hair detection
• 3D image output
The APRIL® BMI Predictor enables someone to see what they will look like with various levels of increased body mass added to their face as they age. After uploading a simple digital photograph, users can choose any of five BMI levels they want to add: BMI level “22”, “27”, “33“, “37”, or “40” ¹. The user can also select the age, up to age 72, to which they wish to see themselves aged. For purposes of contrasting and comparing how weight changes one’s appearance over time, the ability to also see the facial image age, without added weight, remains part of the regular functionality of APRIL® V2.7.0.
The APRIL ® BMI Predictor joins the “Smoking Effects module” and “Sun Exposure Effects module” in APRIL® ‘s suite of products for public health, medical practitioners and lifestyle counsellors worldwide who are focused on prevention, education, counselling, and research in smoking cessation, nutrition, weight and obesity, and sun safety programs.
The APRIL® Face Aging software works from a standard digital photograph of a person’s face, and ages it by applying the aging characteristics based on a statistical database of thousands of people of various ethnic backgrounds. Anyone from age 7 – 70 can be aged, and results are displayed in side-by-side, comparative photos that can be printed, emailed, or shared on Facebook.
“APRIL® has been shown in independent, evidence-based research to be a powerful visual tool in the health and lifestyle professional’s toolbox,” said Ron Estey, Managing Director, AprilAge Inc. “The BMI Predictor can be used to see how someone will look as they age if they put on weight or become obese. Being able to show someone what they will look like at a specific age and a particular BMI level can be a powerful starting point in a discussion about health and wellness and positive lifestyle behaviours.”