Obama over the next four years

Obama's image aged by APRIL Face Aging Software

Four years ago, in 2008, AprilAge, creator of the APRIL Face Aging Software and AgeMe.com, aged a current picture of the U.S. president by eight years, to what would be the end of his second term in 2016.     APRIL Face Aging software does not photoshop or morph images, rather it ages images based on a statistical database of thousands of real people's faces, ages 7 to 70, across five ethnic groups - African, Hispanic, Asian, South Asian, and Caucasian.

Interestingly, BusinessWeek ran on its cover this week an illustration of an aged President Obama with the headline “The Next Four Years.”   The illustration imagines Barack Obama four years into his next term. The cover story “reports on the road ahead for President Obama as he faces the fiscal cliff and crucial decisions for the future of the economy, business, and defense. The opposition remains considerable, and no matter how successful he is, the hardest job in the world will take its toll,” according to the magazine’s website.

Businessweek commissioned the photo illustration by Justin Metz prior to the November 6 election. The publication also had a Mitt Rommey cover ready.

What will Obama look like in 2016?      We'll compare the images when we get there and see the difference.