For patient engagement to work, we must have doctor engagement too

(This article originally appeared in MedCity News, by Veronica Combs, Editor-in-Chief.)

At ENGAGE on October 1, Dr. Sachin Jain started his talk with three patient stories. In each instance, the information doctors and other caregivers needed to figure out a patient’s problem existed – somewhere. It was either not in the EHR or not in the right file or existed only in a doctor’s head.  

Jain offered these four ideas about how to work with doctors successfully and have a better chance of actually getting all the right patient in the right place at the right time.

Guiding principles for innovation in healthcare

  1. Focus on tech that exists
    “Let’s stay away from the hype of things like machine learning and animate the data we have right now.”
  2. Integrate technology into existing work flows
    “Don’t add new stuff to my day.”
  3. Don’t compete with physicians – collaborate with them.  “Everyone arrives brand new to healthcare and says ‘All this needs is….’ Sociology matters and culture matters.”
  4. Focus on problems of biggest importance.  “Entrepreneurs are always imagining patients like themselves, and they’re always coming up with solutions for themselves. Life is too short to spend on small problems.”

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