For use in public or retail locations, waiting rooms, health fairs, science exhibits or educational environments, the APRIL® Face Aging Kiosk comes with an easy-to-operate touch screen. No facilitator required. Similar to a photo booth, but with highly sophisticated technology for a personal, high impact experience. APRIL® demonstrates the differences between natural aging and aging with the effects of smoking, obesity and heavy sun exposure which can change one’s appearance during aging.

APRIL® is a powerful, interactive, and high-impact draw for users as they watch themselves age, decade by decade, right before their own eyes. APRIL® applies the relevant aging characteristics to an individual’s photo from its statistical database of thousands of real people’s 3D head scans, both male and female and across five ethnic groups, ages 7 to 70.

Create one or more custom interfaces and include your own branding, educational information and messages.

Include APRIL® Insights to enable data collection for patient or member analytics and follow-up. Face Aging results are produced in a “contrast and compare” output that can be shared, emailed or printed.

Download here the AprilAge Fact Sheet  for Health Providers, Employers and Insurance Companies

For consumers or geographically-dispersed employee groups, agings are available online at AprilAge/