Results of independent research sets APRIL face aging software apart

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At AprilAge, we welcome inquiries by researchers from around the world who want to use the APRIL Face Aging software in studies to show  people the effects of smoking, weight gain and obesity, or sun exposure on their appearance.  Independent research showing efficacy of results using our software is one of the things that sets the APRIL face aging software apart from other face aging products on the market.   The independent research conducted using the APRIL software can be viewed here.

Once the requesting institution has supplied an Abstract, we evaluate whether or not our software could be used effectively in the manner outlined.  If it appears the software can contribute to the study, AprilAge will provide a copy of the software to the researchers at no cost.  It was with one recent study from Curtin University, recently published in the  Journal of Medical Internet Research, where the results proved statistically significant and have been widely reported worldwide.

The study, led by Curtin University PhD student Oksana Burford, aimed to test the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of interventions based on personalised illustrations of “smoker's face”. It also explored the value of an unfunded intervention within pharmacy practices.

At the six-month period, five of the 80 control group participants suggested they had quit smoking, but only one of those consented to taking a carbon monoxide breath test through the Smokerlyzer CO monitor.

In the intervention group, 22 of 80 participants reported quitting, with 11 confirmed by CO testing. The researchers say this difference in biochemically confirmed quit attempts was statistically significant. They also found a reduction in the average smoking dependence score.

In terms of cost-effectiveness for the health system, the researchers say the mean cost of implementing the intervention was estimated at $5.79 per participant. Interestingly, the mean cost that participants indicated they were willing to pay for the digital ageing service was $20.25.

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