AprilAge’s age progression software (APRIL®) is used in more than 30 science centers around the world to demonstrate the science and physical effects of aging on a person’s appearance.

APRIL®’s live “face aging” exhibits are a powerful, interactive, and high-impact draw for visitors in  public settings as they watch themselves age, decade by decade, right before their own eyes. APRIL® applies the relevant aging characteristics to a visitor’s photo from its statistical database of thousands of real people’s 3D head scans, both male and female and across five ethnic groups, ages 7 to 70. Face aging results are produced in a “contrast and compare” output that can be displayed, shared, emailed or printed.

In a science center, the APRIL® Face Aging exhibit typically involves a self-operated touch-screen kiosk (similar to a photo booth)  with opportunities for custom messaging and branding.  This enables each science center to fully customize the use and output of the software for their specific organization’s needs, visitor demographics, and marketing.

For consumers or geographically-dispersed employee groups, agings are available online at AprilAge/AgeMe.com