Is Technology "dehumanizing" medicine? Dr. Eric Topol and Dr. Verghese discuss.

This article by Dan Verel was originally published in MedCity New on Oct. 10, 2014.  

The two physician touch on some themes that are central to the evolving landscape of healthcare, and how technology can and should be applied. For instance, Dr. Verghese, who practices internal medicine,  says technology is “dehumanizing” medicine, specifically EHRs. Fear not, though – he’s no Luddite.

In response to a broad question about his philosophy on medicine, Dr. Verghese says, among other things:

… “With all the wonderful advances we have seen, there is a slight danger that our attention is subtly shifting from the human being in front of us to the representation of the human being on the screen – the lab. I call that entity the iPatient, like the iPhone or iPad.”