Texting success for smoking cessation and chronic conditions

Companies that can develop a way to use text message interventions to tackle the challenge of helping patients with chronic conditions stick to their care plan or stop smoking or trigger a behavior change to better manage health have garnered a lot of interest. A new study in the Annual Review of Public Health points out where texting technology has been most effective and where more study is needed.  The study covered 89 relevant individual studies within 15 reviews published between 2009-2014.

The studies included 10-5,800 participants flagyl tablets buy online.  Using SMS for self management of diabetes also garnered favorable results. The majority were interactive and personalized.

Smoking cessation was one of the most successful uses of SMS interventions in the health promotion category followed by physical activity. It was less effective for weight loss and primary care appointments. SMS strategies that personalized the messages for each patient and reduced the number of message participants received tended to have greater intervention efficacy, the report said.

From a report in MedCity News