What Will Your Appearance Look Like After You Quit Smoking

Smoking cessation is inarguably going to bring some health benefits, some of these benefits sink in right away, while others take a while to kick in.  One of the things we are able to demonstrate using the Age Me software, is demonstrating what people will look like if they keep smoking, versus not smoking.  Whilst it is difficult to use predictive imaging to show an improvement of your appearance after you stop smoking, we can definitely illustrate what people will look like if they continue versus if they quit.  However, our research indicates that these are the major positive impacts after quitting:

Clearer and Younger Skin

Smoking causes discoloration of the skin and premature development of facial wrinkles. While the wrinkles may not necessarily go away, their ongoing development will slow down.  When a person quits, carbon monoxide is no longer intruding on the way of blood and oxygen flow to your skin. This means that collagen production will be back to normal levels and your skin will start to look healthier.

Whiter Teeth

One of the most common and visible issues caused by smoking pertains to oral care. More specifically, yellowing (even blackening) of the teeth and in some cases loss due to decay. While quitting won’t bring your teeth back, studies have shown that the 'yellow tinge' of smokers will disappear over time.

Brighter Eyes

Smokers can end up with reddish, tired looking eyes. This is a result of the irritants that the eyes become exposed to on a regular basis. Smoke of any kind stops the bodies regulation of it's parts, and the eyes are, as you might imagine, exceptionally sensitive.

Facial Wrinkles

It’s hard to reverse or reduce facial wrinkles, though cosmetic companies would have us believe otherwise! The anti-aging products on the market are generally a preventative approach towards wrinkles than a remedy for current wrinkles.  However, it seems inarguable that stopping smoking will improve your facial wrinkles or (importantly) slow down the process due to smoking.

Working Towards Healthier Skin after Prolonged Damage

Facial wrinkles can be subsided through a consistency in living a healthy lifestyle. This is something that must be done both at a nutritional and physical level. Eating the right foods and getting a sufficient amount of all the essential nutrients will go a long way. Good old-fashioned advice around avoiding bad foods, especially those known to worsen the health of the skin, and exercising on a regular basis can do wonders to bring back the healthy look of your skin.

The appearance benefits of quitting smoking are not particularly well documented.  The more serious health issues tend to get a greater academic focus, however, our software is proven to be effective in smoking cessation programs.  We are delighted that our predictive imaging is able to assist smokers in the difficult task of quitting.