Royal Institution Lecture features APRIL® Face Aging Software

Each December, the Royal Institution (@ri_science) in the U.K. produces the incredibly popular "Christmas Lecture", shot in front of a live audience and broadcast on BBC.  This past season's Lecture featured biologist Dr. Alison Woollard from the University of Oxford and her talk, "Where Do I Come From?”  Here's a synopsis:   One of the greatest conundrums of life is how we emerge from a single cell into a walking, talking, multi-trillion-celled organism that we call the human body. 

In one segment of the Lecture, two 13-year olds were "aged" using the APRIL® Face Aging Software from AprilAge.    Watch the reaction from the young teens as they contemplate their "future selves" - it's a bit shocking, and the audience loves the reaction.

Watch the Lecture here.

Here are Amir and Rubia, featured in the Lecture, at age 13, then at age 72.  Their photos were aged using the APRIL® Face Aging Software.



Amir, at 13, thinks he looks like his Grand-dad when aged to 72.



Rubia, at 13, thinks she wants "to wait to age" when she sees herself at 72.