Aesthetics + Beauty

AprilAge visualization software is a powerful, interactive tool for demonstrating the benefits of skin care, sun safety, and aesthetics and beauty product information and education

Showing someone how they will look as they age is a powerful tool for skin care, sun safety, cosmetics and beauty product information and education. It also can be used to open discussions about aesthetic products and procedures in a one-on-one consultation, or in a retail or public environment for easy consumer access.

Unlike simple morphing technology, AprilAge’s visualization software (APRIL®) can age a person’s photograph, decade by decade, based on age, gender and ethnicity.


  • It’s Personal. APRIL® age progression software products provide personalized before-and-after images of your face as you age, decade by decade. See how you will look if you age naturally, or if you smoke, gain weight, are obese, or have heavy sun exposure.
  • It’s Simple. Just upload a current photo and APRIL®’s aging engine applies relevant aging characteristics. APRIL® shows you how real people age, based on our statistical database of several thousand 3D head scans of real people across five ethnic groups, male and female, ages 7 to 70.
  • It’s Convenient. The software creates contrast-and-compare images over any time span to age 70, that can be shared, emailed or printed.
  • It’s Effective. Independent randomized controlled studies and research have proven APRIL® as a high-impact engagement tool that personalizes the message in a relevant way that increase program success rates by up to 12 times.*

*In a controlled Australian research study (conducted within Australian pharmacies) using the APRIL® Face Aging software, 13.8% of the study’s participants quit smoking after engaging in the face aging visualization process, well above 1.3% in the control group that wasn’t exposed to face aging visualization.  The study also found that the smokers were willing to pay for the photo-aging service.