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APRIL® Face Aging Software  provides a proven tool for interactive member engagement and health behavior change.  Used in smoking cessation*, nutrition, obesity and weight control, skin care and sun safety programs.

Integrated into health and wellness programs, lifestyle counselling, and retail environments, APRIL® is a high-impact engagement tool that shows you a personal “before and after” view your own face as you age, decade by decade.  It is currently used by hundreds of clients in more than 30 countries as a catalyst for discussions and education about changing risky lifestyle behaviors that can lead to chronic diseases.

View the 3 minute demo to see how APRIL works 

APRIL Results 

APRIL® can also show you how you will look as you  get older with various effects including obesity, smoking, and heavy sun exposure. Results are produced in a “contrast and compare” output that can be shared, emailed or printed and used as the basis for on-going health and lifestyle messaging.

The software is available via download to an individual computer (for health professionals and educators in a one-on-one setting), through the APRIL® API for customized use on a website or mobile app, or installed with a touch-screen kiosk (similar to a "photo booth" in public settings) for on-the-spot face agings. For consumers or geographically-dispersed employee groups, agings are available online at AprilAge/

Download the AprilAge Fact Sheet  for Health Providers, Employers and Insurance Companies.

*In a controlled Australian research study (conducted within Australian pharmacies) using the APRIL® Face Aging software, 13.8% of the study’s participants quit smoking after engaging in the face aging visualization process, well above 1.3% in the control group that wasn’t exposed to face aging visualization.  The study also found that the smokers were willing to pay for the photo-aging service.