Law Enforcement

APRIL® Face Aging Software is a valuable tool in criminal and missing persons cases or security use.  Can be paired with facial recognition software and traditional forensic artist's drawings for enhanced analysis

APRIL® age progression software is a sophisticated tool that can age any person`s face from photograph. Paired with facial recognition software and traditional forensic artists’ drawings, APRIL® is a valuable aid in criminal and missing person cases or security use.

Unlike simple morphing technology, APRIL® searches its customized statistical database for matching aging characteristics from 3D head scans of several thousand “real” people, male and female, ages 7 to 70 that are then applied seamlessly to a person’s face. The database includes five ethnicities:  African, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic and South-Asian.  APRIL® can also add various lifestyle effects including smoking, obesity or excess sun exposure to predict what the subject will look like under these conditions.

Side-by-side imagery of the individual as they age, decade by decade, provides clear “compare and contrast” pictures for sequential analysis.