Copy of APRIL® Face Aging Software

APRIL®provides a proven tool* to complement health and wellness programs, science education, law enforcement, and consumer information.

APRIL® works on individual computers or tablets for 1:1 consultations, integrated through the APRIL® API for customized use on a website or mobile app, or in a touchscreen kiosk for on-the-spot face agings.


View the 3 minute demo to see how APRIL works 

APRIL Results 

APRIL® Face Aging software products are powerful and effective because they provide a personal “before and after” view of your own face as you age. Unlike simple morphing technology, APRIL® shows how real people age. Our “aging engine” extracts specific aging characteristics from our database of several thousands of real people’s 3D head scans, across five ethnic groups, male/female, ages 7 to 70. Used by hundreds of clients in more than 25 countries. The software also shows how you will look as you get older with various the effects of risky lifestyle behaviors including obesity, smoking, and heavy sun exposure. Results are produced in a “contrast and compare” output that can be shared, emailed or printed.

The software is available on annual subscription via download to individual computers (for professionals in a one-on-one setting), through the APRIL® API for customized use on a website or mobile app, or in a touchscreen kiosk (similar to a “photo booth” in public and retail settings) for on-the-spot face agings. 

How APRIL® Creates Value

  • Provides a high-impact engagement tool
  • Offers a personal and customized way to deliver health messages and education
  • Acts as a catalyst for collection of data for research and customer analytics and member follow-up
  • Appeals to the average consumer/patient, easily accessible
  • Can attach to brand marketing of products and services

Download the AprilAge Fact Sheet  for Health Providers, Employers and Insurance Companies

*In a randomized controlled Australian research study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research and conducted within Australian pharmacies using the APRIL® Face Aging software, 13.8% of the study’s participants quit smoking after engaging in the face aging visualization process, well above 1.3% in the control group that wasn’t exposed to face aging visualization.  Results verified by CO testing six months post-study. The study also found that the smokers were willing to pay for the face aging service.