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New study finds exercise may be best protection against aging

For a new study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association , researchers found that older people who spent less time sitting and more time moving had fewer signs of encroaching heart disease.

Suffolk County, New York finds success with youth in "At Face Value" program for healthier living

In just one minute, the "At Face Value" program provides a powerful image to high school students to show them how risky lifestyle behaviors today will affect how they look in the future.

Impact of Healthy Lifestyle Factors on Life Expectancies in the U.S. Population

Adopting a healthy lifestyle could substantially reduce premature mortality and prolong life expectancy in US adults.

Can lifestyle changes remove plaque in your arteries?

Lifestyle changes, including diet, smoking cessation, stress management and exercise, can decrease the size of atherosclerotic plaques, which is associated with a decreased risk of death from heart disease.